Return With Honor (book report)

The book I read is an autobiography, Return With Honor, By Captain Scott OGrady withJeff Coplan. Jeff Coplan is a prominent writer for the New York Time Magazine. He isalso the author of Gold Buckle. This young captains life began in Long Beach California in 1967.Scott OGradyhas two siblings a brother and a sister, Paul […]

Serrial Killer

The country has been gripped by fear and the serial killer has played right into that fear. The serial killer epitomizes the fear that police officers and the criminal justice cannot protect us. Serial killings account for less than one percent of annual homicides we have in America, yet they somehow touch the lives of […]

The Beach By Alex Garland

Jason Black The Beach by Alex GarlandAs for me… I’m fine. I have bad dreams, but I never saw Mister Duck again. I play video games. I smoke a little dope. I got my thousand yard stare. I carry a lot of scars. I like the way that sounds. I carry a lot of scarsThese […]

Idea Of Government

Government in Kamala Markandayas, “Nectar in a Sieve”Onemight think of government as a bunch of sly politicians running the country froma little office in the White House. Or perhaps he or she pictures a mighty kingsitting on the throne of his country, telling his loyal subjects and servantswhat to do. Even though both of these […]


During the first decade of the twentieth century, a group of young Italian painters united together, under the influence of poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti. Before creating their new style, these painters embraced the ideas of Marinettis The Foundation and Manisfesto of Futurism which appeared in the newspaper Le Figaro on February 20, 1909 (Tisdall 7). […]

Autism and the family

Home Therapy and Autism 2One of the most common developmental disabilities affects two out of every ten thousand children and appears before the age of three (Encarta, 2000). The disorder is autism. It is a disorder that severely impairs development of a persons ability to communicate, interact with other people, and maintain normal contact with […]

Queen Elizabeth I

Elizabeth was the unwanted daughter of King Henry VIII, the king who killed hermother, because she did not bear a son. Elizabeth grew up in a country at war with it selfin the wake of King Henrys religious reforms. Through no fault of her own, Elizabethwas cast aside by her own father; resulting in a […]

Randle Report

The Randle Report, by Kevin D. Randle explores UFO research in the1990’s. Inreading his book I have gained much knowledge of how to determine whetherinformation submitted as proof of extraterrestrial existence is valid or bogus,and the truth (from a scientificstandpoint) about several famous unidentifiedphenomenoms. Much information is submitted to substantiate extraterrestrialexistence. This information comes in […]

Subconscious and Reality

Ella Wheeler Wilcox’s poem, “Illusion,” extensively poses philosophical and metaphysical uncertainties pertaining to the perception and distinction between reality and actuality. Wilcox takes a very original and abstract approach in utilizing hypothetical dialogue with a superior spiritual figure. This unique element vastly broadens the reader’s perspective and opinions of its literary value. Wilcox’s style also […]

Extra Solar Planets

Earths Beyond Earth: The Search for Other Worlds In early 1990, the firstextrasolar planet was detected, surprising everyone by its strangeness. Moreplanets have now been discovered outside our solar system than in it. Theseplanets present many great mysteries to the astronomical world. Extrasolarplanets are planets that exist outside our solar system; they are orbiting astar […]